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Noble, chic, versatile and extremely strong: that’s acrylic glass!

Acrylic glass, also known as acrylate or plexiglass, is a thermoplastic. This means that it will become softer when heated. Acrylic glass is the most common name for polymethyl methacrylate. This type of plastic is lighter, stronger and more durable than traditional double glazing. The material has a luxurious and chic look and is provided with UV printing.

Maximum plate formats

• Clear view, frosted glass optics Max. W 3010 mm x H 2010 mm
Blockout:  Max. W 3000 mm x H 1250 mm
(without division)


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Available in every shape and size

Acrylic glass is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be milled into almost any shape. Your imprint will be printed directly on the acrylic, on the front or back. Acrylic glass is available in different thicknesses and is both clear and opal. The material has a maximum print width of 201 x 301 cm.

Choose a blockout film for extra protection and to avoid showing through

With the blockout variant, the back of the material is provided with a blockout film. The film also offers additional protection for the print. This is the clear acrylic glass, which is printed with full color on the back. The plate is then provided with a blockout film. With blockout film, the material has a printing width of 125 cm.

Assembly of acrylic glass

You have various options for attaching your acrylic sheets. A blind suspension system or drill holes with spacers are a good solution for all variants. You can also use hanging plates for the clear or opal Plexiglas variants. Also place the hanging plates no more than every 80 cm. Unfortunately, the suspension plates are not suitable for block-out plexiglass. When assembling it should be noted that Plexiglas is sensitive to scratches. Plexiglass has a relatively high coefficient of expansion. This means that the plexiglass works at different temperatures. That can be a few millimeters per meter. Take this into account when assembling Plexiglas by making your drill holes a little wider. This gives your panel more room to spread out and prevents

Create a noble look

The clear version of acrylic glass is an unsurpassed sheet material with a luxurious appearance that is used for wall decorations such as the well-known photo on acrylic glass. The opal variant of acrylic glass is often used for light box signs, displays, signposts or contour-milled letters and logos such as. B milling letters used. By using white printing, you can create special effects such as B. a sandblasting effect.

  • Extruded plexiglass
  • Weight 3 mm: 3.4 kg./m2
    5 mm: 5.82 kg./m2
    10 mm: 12 kg./m2
  • Fire protection certificate No.
  • UV printing technology
  • Maximum printing height in one piece. Clear and frosted glass look: 201 cm.
    Blockout: 125 cm
  • Maximum printing width in one piece, clear and frosted glass look: 301 cm
  • Thicknesses 3, 5 and 10 mm
  • Structure smooth
  • Processing (contour) milling and drilling holes
  • Inside / outside Inside and outside
  • Water repellent yes
  • Translucent yes
  • Minimum order quantity 0.2 m2

Zusätzliche Information

Größe600 × 900 mm

Acrylglas Klarsicht 3 mm, Acrylglas Klarsicht 5 mm, Acrylglas Klarsicht 10 mm, Acrylglas Milchglas 3 mm, Acrylglas Milchglas 5 mm


UV-Druck Eine Schicht Vollfarbe, UV Vollfarbe + zwei mal Weiß


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