Light is the turbo for attention value. It increases the impact of your message enormously and provides enlightenment in the truest sense of the word – not only for your “message”, but also for the addressee. Because with all the advertising nowadays, light is an important trick to attract and “captivate” the looks of your customers.

Accordingly, light displays are particularly attractive and effective advertising media. Typical for your construction are interior lighting and a cavity for their attachment or accommodation. Our standard program includes light frames, boxes, columns or counters. They are straight or convexly curved, available with single or double-sided presentation options, as well as with removable frames or fixed motif installations. Light-emitting diodes or, if it should be brighter, fluorescent tubes are usually used as light sources.

Our light frames with textile are a particularly interesting variant. They have a very photo-realistic image reproduction with high contrast, excellent resolution and brilliant colors – and all of this is absolutely glare-free.